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I will refer to one of the very many qualities of the mind. In many cases our mind functions as a loyal servant, as a faithful dog.


The dog is trained to follow us, sit near us and check whatever approaches us.Ιt barks at the danger or it even attacks it. It is trained to protect us. People have written poems, books, even songs for the most faithful friend of a man. And this has been done in a way that suits to the unconditioned love of a living creature towards its master. In other words we ought to recognize and honour what a living creature offers us.


This is how our mind works many times. We train it, we discipline it and it follows us. It looks for the lines, it classifies the world, it is our guide when we are blind and we do not know where we are going, it identifies our environment as safe or dangerous. It is our servant and our guardian-angel.


There is a very moving case when a dog is so faithful to its master, that, even when it dies, the dog remains on the master’s grave. Itwillnotabandon. Itwillnotgoaway. And it does so because of its great devotion. It may even die there, refusing to leave.


This is something our mind does too. It is in the flow of life that something dies so that something else will be born: an idea, a situation, a form or shape of life or whatever else. Our mind unfortunately refuses to abandon it. It remains faithful to the old, the old master, and guards and protects it. Then it protects something that is no longer alive, something dead. For a dog it may be something that gives it human qualities and makes it great, but when our mind does it, it means that we are restricted, stubborn and we do not let something go. Even when we do it out of love or dedication.


Death is a part of life.


Natassa Kapageridou



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