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Once again without any introduction. The human being starts at the point where the redundant, the unnecessary begins. I will try to explain. And I always -and once again- set the initial condition that I only express one side of a many-sided issue.

Think of what we mean when we say “redundant”. With a coarse definition until very few years ago by saying redundant we meant something that was beyond necessity, something extra. For instance we had two jackets and we also bought a third one because we liked it or because it was a bargain or for any x reason. We had connected the concept of redundancy with consumption, with luxury and the demonstration of our wealth.

Our value system has been dissolved. Our way of life has turned upside-down. Both  political and financial  powers have been trying to impose as a way of life a model of people who are frightened, poor and weak, badly-paid, who struggle throughout the day just to be able to survive. And I mean literally survive : to be able to afford food and housing, and, of course, mainly and first of all their debts to banks and the state.

Not a word about civilization. Neither for entertainment or fun. Not to mention art, or aesthetics. Or well-being. Forbidden words.

But the human being is not an animal (my apologies to animals, it is unfair for  them to be compared with us). As long as, we, people are imprisoned in survival, we remain animals. We start to be humans when we start to feel free, when we have a social life, when we create and enjoy arts and culture. I am not referring to highly-conceived ideas. I am referring to everyday enjoyment of life. To the peace and pleasure which can offer everyday life. To this situation when, at the end of the day, a human feels full of their life and satisfied with themselves.

Humans need redundant things  to feel human. And by redundant I mean everything beyond our struggle for survival. Let’s keep that in mind. Let’s not exile it from our lives. Αnd let’s keep trying to enjoy something unnecessary and redundant whenever we can.

We, humans, need redundant things  to become humans.


Natassa Kapageridou



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